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        Hello there! And welcome to my new blog! Another blog about travel I hear you think? Well…. yes. It was about time to start this project. For many years I have been thinking about it as many people ask me where I am and what I am doing. It seems a blog was the easiest option to share the many stories I have to tell. So it will be a pretty personal story which I hope you will enjoy! Fasten your seatbelts!

        What will the blog be about?

        The blog will mostly be about travel and photography. Two topics that have been integrated into my life at a young age. My first flight was at the age of 3, to Torremolinos in Andalusia. Due to severe thunderstorms, we were circling in the air for a while and I told my mother I never wanted to be in that “stupid bus” again.

        Fast forward 18 years and I got a job as a flight attendant! I wanted to see the world! During this time I fell in love with different countries and different cultures. And I also fell in love with photography! When I was in Sri Lanka during a trip, a pilot showed me some of his images and I was amazed by what he could do with a camera. When I got back home I bought my first DSLR.

        My life has been pretty different from the people I grew up with. I never married when all my friends did and I have no children. I don’t have a mortgage or debt, nor do I own a car. All I wanted was to explore and leave as soon as I could… A rebel at heart I guess! I wanted to explore many parts of life and not just the world. And that is what this blog will be about. A journey in life. I discovered what makes me happy, what energises me and fulfils me. I try to share and give back to the people I meet and the countries I travel to. Topics for the blog I’ll include are a mixture of arts, business, education, mental health, books, food, cultures, adventures, environment, the outdoors and volunteering. I would like to inspire you with this blog, encourage you and open up conversations.

        The journey so far

        Since that first flight at the age of 3, I have travelled to 65 countries and I have lived in 5 different countries. I will write about some of those trips in the future! For those who know me, I am always up for a crazy adventure! I like to travel to places where others don’t go and try to avoid mass tourism. I love abandoned buildings and photograph their old beauty. Street art and graffiti are a must-see for me in new cities! I try to visit art galleries and museums on the way. Learn from local crafters and find out how people make their living. I love cheese and I will try this is any country I travel to! Other food too by the way 😉 Oh… and I feed too many street animals and I cuddle them all!

        How my travel journey changed

        My ways of travel also changed in the last years. I try to travel more by bus and train where possible and I travel with a (small) backpack instead of a huge suitcase. And I discovered slow travel! It is my favourite thing to do when I can, to explore a country for a longer period of time and really get a feel of a place. I love meeting locals and see how they live their lives. I also love meeting with travellers who visit Berlin! And this is one of the reasons I started hosting Airbnb Experiences.

        I also look forward to some collaborations with fellow travellers and share their stories. I have met so many wonderful souls in different parts of this planet! If you are interested in collaborating, please let me know!

        A little bit about me

        I grew up in a small town in the north of The Netherlands. At barely 17 I moved to Amsterdam to study tourism. My first internship was on Gran Canaria in Spain and I worked in hotels during this time. My second internship was for a Dutch airline as a flight attendant. I hated the job at first! I realised I didn’t fit in the industry. But thanks to a friend I discovered it was due to the company culture and I found a new job with a different airline. I worked in The Netherlands for 4 years as a flight attendant before I moved to England to continue my work there. After 8 years of flying, I was ready for a new challenge. But I will always be happy in the sky!

        A view over the Pyrenees
        A view over the Pyrenees

        I moved to Ireland and started working for startups. A very different job! All of a sudden I had a computer and 9 to 5 working hours! I didn’t even know what Outlook was! In 2016 I moved to Berlin and continued office-based work. Somehow I managed to do this for 10 years. I learned so much! But unfortunately, three depressions hit me on the way. Those last 10 years I have made many changes that were needed to find myself. And now I finally feel like I have found what I was looking for. At least a very happy version of myself. And for 10 years I am also a cat mum to Savage, my little feline cutie! I read many books, kept exploring the world, photographed numerous projects, started crafting and excluded things that drained my energy.

        Since 2012 I work as a freelancer and since 2019 this is my sole income. I give photography workshops, work as a wedding photographer and I photograph visitors in Berlin during their holiday. If you are interested, I also teach knitting courses and macrame workshops. And I work as a copywriter in the travel industry. I will also be providing courses soon on how to work remotely and how to start your own online business. It seems I have finally the freedom I was looking for and it feels amazing!

        Always finding animals during my travels
        Always finding animals during my travels

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