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        What on earth happened?!

        Well… where do we start? I arrived back home in Berlin and pretty much straight away the COVID-19 virus was spreading like a wildfire around the world, leaving us all in weird situations and uncertainty. After a 5 month trip in Asia, I arrived back in Germany at the end of February to what is normally my high season. All bookings were in place and I was ready to work! After 3 weeks the plans came to a halt and I had to shuffle and shift all I was doing. Sounds familiar? Thanks, Covid!

        Wander Dreamz Travel
        Longing for sunny days

        We are all in different situations and in different jobs. Some people were stuck in a destination, some decided to stick it out where they stranded and others were making crazy hours to assist in hospitals and supermarkets. Some businesses were flourishing whereas others went down. Many of us moved a brick and mortar business online to survive financially. Everyone is dealing with uncertainty and we are powerless, possibly for the first time in our lives. We have no control over what is happening, but we do have control of our outlook!

        How are you coping?

        The first two weeks I went into a flight or fight mode. I moved all my face-to-face workshops online, updated my Etsy shop and tried to rescue everything possible. I worked more hours than I normally would! And then my mood went down and my motivation changed. I didn’t want to be online anymore, I felt drained and after way too many Zoom calls I needed a break! And so I took it! I started reading more, did meditations and I listened to my body. I started journaling and I meditate daily with the amazing Sah! After a couple of weeks, I felt fresh again, newly motivated and ready to go!

        Work remotely from home
        Working from home got a whole new meaning!

        Reliving memories on Instagram

        As a traveller, it also had a big impact on my dreams. I wanted to go to Egypt in April with a friend and back to Nepal in June. I had a wedding to photograph in Ireland in August and we had to reschedule this to 2021. Many of my old colleagues who work with the airlines are sitting at home, uncertain if they can keep their jobs or working on repatriation flights to bring people home. And many fellow travellers are in the same boat. I started sharing images on Instagram to relive the trip to Asia and to bring some positive messages. I also held a collection to help the homeless people in Kathmandu with a daily meal. And I’m very grateful we managed to collect food for 750 people which was prepared and provided by volunteers in the city.

        Stay positive during COVID 19
        Let’s stay positive and listen to what we currently need

        What can we do to help?

        Now, it seems we have to get used to a “new normal” and Covid is here to stay for a while. And in the meantime, I try to help where possible. So let me know if you are struggling or you have questions. I am only a call away! Some other things we can do to help:

        • Send a thank-you note to someone you appreciate
        • Text or call a family member or a friend who could use some support
        • Support local charities
        • Purchase future Gift Cards from small and local businesses you like and choose credits over refunds
        • Give a review on a Facebook Page, Google or any platform that supports the businesses you like
        • Help with grocery shopping, childcare or anything you can think of that your local community might need. Set up a WhatsApp group with your neighbours for example and check in regularly

        More to come soon!

        As it’s been a while I wrote on the blog, I wanted to see how you are all doing? Did anything change for you? Are you working a lot or are you enjoying some free time? How has this situation with Covid affected you? I will finally make time now to finish the rest of the blog posts I created during my trip, so keep an eye out! Thanks to Covid I’ll have all the time in the world now haha If you like other topics, feel free to share feedback in the comments! Or fill in a quick survey by clicking here!

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