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        Hội An

        From Hue, I took a bus to Hội An, the town of the Vietnamese lanterns! What I didn’t know is how romantic this place was! Great as a solo female traveller 😉 Nonetheless, there was so much to do and see! I decided to stay a little longer to rest and to enjoy the beach as well! What’s your verdict? Is Hội An one of the most romantic places in the world?

        Thanh Toan Bridge Vietnam
        Thanh Toan Bridge

        A sightseeing tour to get to the next destination

        The really cool thing was that I took a tour to get to Hội An instead of just taking a regular bus. It stopped at a few places on the way such as Thanh Toan Bridge, Hải Vân Quan and the Hải Vân Pass, the Marble Mountains and Danang. This way, I got to see a few sights without having to book a separate tour or having to rent a scooter.

        Romance everywhere

        When I arrived in Hội An, I booked a really nice place outside of the historic centre. They provided me with a bicycle so that I could explore the area easily and for free! The first stop was, of course, the old town, which is like an open-air museum. There are some beautiful heritage buildings, Chinese temples, wooden houses and a Japanese-designed bridge. The streets are filled with lanterns which are especially nice to see at night. You can make a lovely boat trip here but don’t expect this to be a private one with just your partner! They’ll fill up the boats, but it still looks super fun and romantic!

        The cute lantern boats in Hội An
        The cute lantern boats in Hội An
        The streets of Hội An
        The streets of Hội An

        Make your own lantern!

        Of course, it is very easy to buy a nice lantern during your visit. But as I love creative workshops, I decided to book a DIY lantern-making workshop! The workshop lasted about 3 hours, and it was so much fun!

        Make your own lantern in Hội An
        Make your own lantern in Hội An

        Reaching Out Teahouse

        The following morning I decided to have some tea and a cake in an extraordinary place. I went to the Reaching Out Teahouse, a place that provides opportunities for people with disabilities. A lot of staff are visually impaired or have a hearing impairment. The place feels extremely peaceful and humble! Don’t forget to visit the shop as well. They make beautiful Vietnamese crafts such as porcelain plates, cups and other pieces here! In the workshop, you can see how all this beauty is created.

        Reaching Out Teahouse
        Reaching Out Teahouse

        Beaches in Hội An

        I really wanted to relax a little after having travelled for a few weeks, if not months! There are some lovely places where you can visit the beach. If you go to the main beach, you’ll have to pay to park. But if you venture out a little further, you’ll be able to park for free and find some lovely quiet beaches. You can visit Bãi biển Cửa Đại beach and take a fresh dip in the sea!

        Beaches in Hội An
        Beaches in Hội An

        Coconut Boats

        One of the silliest things I saw here was the Coconut Boat Tours. Each to their own, of course, but this wasn’t for me! I cycled passed it, and there were TONS of tourists here paying top Dollar to make a boat tour. Nature here is so pretty, but it was polluted with loud music and way too many people. Instead, I kept cycling around, and I came passed a similar place but without heaps of tourists. You could book a more intimate boat tour here and enjoy the nature around you in silence. You’ll see these basket boats everywhere in this part of Vietnam, by the way! In Mui Ne, they use them for fishing, and it is fun to see how the fishermen use them.

        Basket Boats Vietnam
        Basket Boats

        Overall, I really liked the vibe of Hội An, and I was happy I stayed a bit longer! This way, I was fresh for my onward journey to Nha Trang and Mui Ne!

        All images are taken with my FujiFilm XT3. For some images, I used Presets.

        Disclaimer: To be fully transparent, please note that this blog post contains affiliate links and some purchases made through such links might result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you). Not all links are affiliate links as I want to share knowledge and tips with my readers, and this blog is not aimed to make a ton of money! However, every little helps, of course, to fund future travels.

        Such wonderful photos Marga 🙂 be safe and greetings from Portugal, PedroL

        Thank you Pedro! Stay safe as well and I hope to visit Portugal again soon as well!

        hope you had a good time in your previous time here 🙂 best, PedroL

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