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        How it all started

        When I first moved to Germany from Ireland, I was mainly a wedding photographer. When I moved to Berlin, I realised quickly that fewer people got married in Berlin, it’s a city for singles, and that the photographer/couple ratio wasn’t helping. So I adapted my workflow by providing workshops! By getting out of my comfort zone and starting a new adventure, I accidentally created the business of my dreams.

        The Photography Workshops

        I started by teaching a photography workshop to educate others with my skills and share my experience. I created an account with Airbnb Experiences, and I started testing the workshops with some friends. This was a great way to test the water but also to get my first reviews online! And it worked! Within a couple of weeks, I got my first bookings!

        The Paparazzi Tours

        As I missed photographing people myself, I also decided to create an experience whereby I photograph people. This is how the Paparazzi Tour in Berlin was born! I love meeting people from all over the world, and the combination of travel, photography and people connected me to my work. I meet many solo travellers, families and couples from all over the world.

        Photo shoot Berlin Workshop
        It’s great for solo travellers to meet other people
        Berlin Photography Tour
        Photoshoots in the rain are also fun!

        The Macrame Workshops

        When it was getting colder, I was thinking to myself… how can I still connect with people but be warm and creative at the same time. I’ve been knitting and making macrame pieces since 2014, and at that time, I also opened my Etsy shop. So I thought, why not start a macrame workshop in Berlin? And I feel so lucky as in winter AND summer I get bookings from people in Berlin and the rest of the world. We enjoy a cosy time together and connect over crafting whilst sipping tea or coffee. It has also been a popular event for hen parties in Berlin!

        Macrame Workshop in Berlin
        Macrame Workshop in Berlin

        And then Covid-19 happened

        Yeah… that happened. So I had to adapt quickly! I took all my workshops and experiences online! It’s very different but still a lot of fun! It’s been the perfect way to keep in touch with my clients, and by providing online workshops, I got a global reach now. This is great as I get to meet people I would’ve never met otherwise!

        Online macrame workshop
        Even over Zoom, the workshops are fun!

        Book and get 10% off!

        At the moment, I offer offline and online workshops. Berlin is slowly opening up the lockdown, and I’m so happy I can teach face to face again as well! Are you in Berlin and you’d like to book a workshop? For face to face workshops, I currently have a special offer for both the macrame and photography workshops! Message me, and I will offer you a 10% discount ๐Ÿ™‚

        Junggesellinnenabschied Ideeen Berlin
        The workshops are also great for hen parties in Berlin!

        Do you want to read more content like this?

        I really like the idea behind the ‘papparazi tour’ eheh good luck ๐Ÿ™‚ PedroL

        Let me know when you come to Berlin and we make it happen!

        eheh thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ PedroL

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