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        Say what?

        If you told me I’d be teaching workshops fulltime 3 years ago I would have laughed! I’m not a teacher, am I?! Nor qualified in any of the arts. I never even thought of this option but a friend told me about Airbnb Experiences at the time. So I thought, why not! I worked as a photographer for many years and I had some creative hobbies. So my thought was, I’ll give it a go and I’ll have a cool side-hustle. Never would I have dreamed this would become my main income!

        This side-hustle, however, got completely out of hand and by the summer of 2019 I was able to ditch the corporate job and work 100% as a freelancer! This was a dream I had for many years and I was so excited this finally became a reality!

        Teach creative workshops
        Start sharing your creativity! Image by Annie Spratt

        Start teaching!

        Maybe I inspired you to start teaching workshops? Over the last 2,5 years, I’ve completely changed my business model. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was mostly photographing weddings and I still shoot them from time to time. But adding the workshops has been so much fun! What started as a side-hustle became my number one income! I connect on average with 40 or 50 new people every week in the busy months and it’s been absolutely amazing! It allows me to be my own boss and do what I love. Every Single Day! And I meet the loveliest people on a constant basis! Whether this is online, in Berlin or anywhere in the world!

        Even in times of COVID, this business model has proven to make sense. People are looking for a creative outlet. They want to work with their hands! And if you’re able to host workshops online, you can start teaching people all over the world! How cool is that?

        Teach online workshops
        Teaching wood working is another great option. Image by Dominik Scythe

        Who is this for?

        Anyone can start really, as long as you have a skill to share! Examples are yoga teachers, potters, painters, knitters, photographers and jewellery makers. Or maybe you want to take your guests for a run? A dog walk! Or even cooler, walk with alpacas if you have them! Teach people skills about how to make a killer cocktail, make the tastiest vegan dishes or bake the nicest cakes. Or maybe you love screenprinting, hand-dying and embroidery. The possibilities are endless! And the more you can offer, the higher your success rate will be!

        Macrame workshops online and Berlin
        I host Macrame workshops in Berlin and online

        Join a creative gang!

        Join FB Groups, follow your favourite artists on IG and mingle with other creatives! Get inspired and join other workshops in your local area. Create a great side-hustle to fund your travels or create online workshops and classes that you can teach from anywhere in the world! If you are the go-to person in your niche, you can even travel the world while teaching workshops. Or maybe you’re in a 9-5 and you’re looking for a fun side hustle that can potentially become your dream business?

        Teaching macrame in Berlin – Image Elena Putina

        Let me help you

        If you need a hand setting up the first workshops and making a successful start? Then you’re at the right place. I’m currently writing an ebook where you’ll be learning everything about hosting your own workshops. Where to start? What will be your idea? On which platforms can you host? Do you want to self-host? How to price it? It will all be discussed! Sign up here for early access and get an amazing discount when the book launches! I’m super excited to get this journey started with you!

        Do you want to read more content like this?

        Great article and very useful. I am in the process of setting up online crochet courses.

        That is so exciting Tomeka! Let me know if you need a hand or if you have any questions about setting it up 🙂

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