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        Roads of Nepal 4 November 2020

        Nepal: 6 Reasons why I lost my heart in Nepal

        Travelling to Nepal from India After India, I travelled rather spontaneously to Nepal. When I was working as a flight attendant, we used to have a route to Kathmandu. But I never had the opportuni...
        Delhi India 19 May 2020

        Discover 10 Treasures In India And How To Travel Around

        Back in Delhi after 10+ years! When I was working as a flight attendant, I was regularly in Delhi. It was one of those destinations that you got called out to fly there if you had a standby duty. ...
        Don Det 4000 islands 14 May 2020

        Laos: My Magical Trip + 5 tips

        Arriving in Laos When I decided to go to South East Asia, I had to put Laos in my itinerary. I knew nothing about the country, but something triggered my curiosity. And it certainly didn't disappo...
        Photography Workshop Berlin 11 May 2020

        Creative workshops online and in Berlin

        How it all started When I first moved to Germany from Ireland, I was mainly a wedding photographer. When I moved to Berlin, I realised quickly that fewer people got married in Berlin, it's a city ...
        Hui Vietnam 6 May 2020

        10 Tips for Vietnam: Landscapes, cities and beautiful beaches

        Visiting Vietnam, a short guide to visiting this beautiful country From Laos, I decided to travel to Vietnam. I did the classical journey through Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and I had 2,5 months of...
        Jaipur India sunset 3 May 2020

        Photography Equipment and beautiful Editing – Get 10 professional tips!

        How it all started Do you love photography? I'd love to share my journey with you on how it all started. From 2001 until 2009 I worked as an international flight attendant! And boy was that fun! D...
        Sapa Vietnam 1 May 2020

        The beautiful hills of Sapa – 3 tips for your stay

        Arriving in Sapa I travelled through Vietnam from north to south. After a couple of days in Hà Nội, I took a bus to Sapa with the Sapa Express. I heard so much about the homestays in this area so th...
        Hoi An Vietnam 29 April 2020

        Is Hội An one of the top 5 romantic places in the world?

        Hội An From Hue, I took a bus to Hội An, the town of the Vietnamese lanterns! What I didn't know is how romantic this place was! Great as a solo female traveller ;) Nonetheless, there was so much ...
        Nha Trang Vietnam 27 April 2020

        Nha Trang and Mui Ne – The Beautiful South Of Vietnam

        Nha Trang and Mui Ne, Vietnam My journey continued through Vietnam, and from Hoi An, I took a bus to Nha Trang. I found Nha Trang a funny place. It reminded me of any touristy place really, with many ...