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        DESTINATIONS - A Travel Journal

        Follow my journey as I go on adventures! You might find some stories helpful, funny or even crazy! I’m always up for an adventure and I try to travel to places that are less known with the public! So come on-board and explore this beautiful globe with me!

        Coping with depression May 21, 2020

        How To Get The Most Out Of Mental Health Awareness Month

        Mental Health Awareness Month Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? I must admit, I didn't! But it started in 1949 in the US and I thought to share a few things with you here tod...
        May 19, 2020

        Discover Treasures In India And How To Travel Around

        Back in Delhi after 10+ years! When I was working as a flight attendant, I was regularly in Delhi. It was one of those destinations, that if you had a standby duty, you got called out to fly there...
        May 15, 2020

        My Favourite Business Books and what I learned

        From rebel to life-long-learner by reading books and attending courses When I was a teenager I was a solid rebel! I grew up with Sonic Youth, Rage Against the Machine, Prodigy and Nirvana. The sch...
        Don Det 4000 islands May 14, 2020

        My Magical Trip to Laos

        Arriving in Laos When I decided to go to South East Asia, I had to put Laos in my itinerary. I knew nothing about the country but something triggered my curiosity. And it certainly didn't disappoi...
        Macrame workshops online and Berlin May 12, 2020

        Get started with teaching workshops

        Say what? If you told me I'd be teaching workshops fulltime 3 years ago I would have laughed! I'm not a teacher am I?! Nor qualified in any of the arts. I never even thought of this option but a f...
        Macrame Photography Workshop Berlin May 11, 2020

        Creative workshops online and in Berlin

        How it all started When I first moved to Germany from Ireland, I was mainly a wedding photographer. When I moved to Berlin I realised quickly that fewer people got married in Berlin, and that the ...
        May 6, 2020

        Stunning landscapes, cool cities and beautiful beaches in Vietnam

        Visiting Vietnam, a short guide to visiting this beautiful country From Laos, I decided to travel to Vietnam. I did the classical journey through Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and I had 2,5 months of...
        May 3, 2020

        What my Photography Bag and Editing looks like

        How it all started Do you love photography? I'd love to share my journey with you on how it all started. From 2001 until 2009 I worked as an international flight attendant! And boy was that fun! D...
        May 1, 2020

        The beautiful hills of Sapa

        Arriving in Sapa I travelled through Vietnam from north to south. After a couple of days in Hà Nội, I took a bus to Sapa with the Sapa Express. I heard so much about the homestays in this area so th...
        April 29, 2020

        Hội An, the most romantic place in the world?

        Hội An From Hue, I took a bus to Hội An, the town of the Vietnamese lanterns! What I didn't know, is how romantic this place was! Great as a solo female traveller ;) Nonetheless, there was so much...
        April 27, 2020

        The Beautiful South Of Vietnam – Nha Trang and Mui Ne

        Nha Trang and Mui Ne, Vietnam My journey continued through Vietnam, and from Hoi An, I took a bus to Nha Trang. I found Nha Trang a funny place. It reminded me of any touristy place really, with many ...
        Luggage tips for travelling April 25, 2020

        How to travel light and what to pack

        Suitcase or backpack? Lately, I was asked a lot about my luggage when I travel. When I worked as a flight attendant I always carried my sturdy Samsonite Suitcase. And this suitcase is still super ...
        April 23, 2020

        A travel addict in COVID-19 times

        What on earth happened?! Well... where do we start? I arrived back home in Berlin and pretty much straight away the COVID-19 virus was spreading like a wildfire around the world, leaving us all in...
        Trang An January 14, 2020

        Sights that will leave you speechless in Ninh Binh

        After Cát Bà it was time to explore the famous Ninh Bình in Vietnam. I booked a Bus - Ferry - Bus ticket at my hostel from Cát Bà to Ninh Bình for 245.000 Dong. Where to stay in Ninh Bình Most travell...
        The view from Titov Island, Halong Bay January 7, 2020

        Halong Bay and Cát Bà, a landscape that brings tears of happiness

        From Sapa, I booked a local night bus to Halong Bay for 400.000 Dong. The lady at the Mountain View Hostel has been so helpful and she also offered the best price for a bus ticket. I arrived at 6 in t...
        Train Street Hanoi January 1, 2020

        Things you should not miss whilst being in Hà Nội

        If you have a day or two to spare in Hà Nội, there are plenty of things that you can do or see. Recently I got to spend a couple of nights in the city and I gathered some info about activities in Hà N...
        The Kuang Si Waterfall at Luang Prabang December 24, 2019

        Why you will love Luang Prabang and want to stay longer

        Why Luang Prabang is the perfect place for the non-touristy digital nomad The last part of my trip to Laos was a stay in Luang Prabang, a nice artisan and spiritual town in the north of Laos. It felt...
        Koh Rong Beaches Cambodia December 16, 2019

        Temples, Jungles and Tropical Beaches in Cambodia

        Visiting Cambodia, a short guide to visiting this amazing country Are you visiting Cambodia and not sure what to do and see? Let me share my short itinerary with you and give you some tips for when yo...
        Costa Rica Beaches October 1, 2019

        Costa Rica, a paradise on earth!

        The idea It is the 3rd of September 2018. I am in Ireland on a photography assignment and it is my birthday! After a long few days of work, I am treating myself and relax in the swimming pool and the ...
        Berlin Tips August 29, 2019

        A different Berlin

        What to do in Berlin if you wish to see something else than the touristy places.
        August 7, 2019

        Hello world!

        Welcome! Hello there! And welcome to my new blog! Another blog about travel I hear you think? Well.... yes. It was about time to start this project. For many years I have been thinking about it as man...